Mitotech™ specializes in software systems for mitochondrial DNA data analysis.


Battelle Memorial Institute Licenses MitoTyper

May 2013 - Battelle Memorial Institute pioneers the use of next-generation sequencing for precise identification and characterization of humans.

Battelle Memorial Institute

MitoTech acquires US Patent 8,340,914

December 2012 - Mitotech acquires a fundamental patent governing the method of describing a oligonucleotide sequence as a difference-from-reference representation.

US Patent 8,340,914

MitoTech issued US Patent 8,296,075

October 2012 - Mitotech received a US Patent, "Computer System and Computer-Facilitated Method for Nucleic Acid Sequence Alignment and Analysis", on the sequence alignment algorithm that provides exactly reproducible alignments that are congruent with the Mitotyper Rules.

US Patent 8,296,075

UNTHSC Integrates MitoTech Software

October 2012 - UNTHSC announced the integration of MTexpert with eFAST and STATIS in their mtDNA laboratory.

MitoTech delivers eFAST to UNTHSC

April 2010 - Mitotech delivers the prototype eFAST software system to The University of North Texas Health Science Center. The goal of eFAST (expert Filtering and Assessment of Sequence Traces) Software is to analyze the quality of sequence data output from Applied Biosystems instrumentation shortly after they are generated, alert the operator if a problem is detected, distribute trace files, and facilitate sample tracking.

The University of North Texas Health Science Center

UNTHSC & MitoTech Awarded Grant

October 2009 - The University of North Texas Health Sciences Center and Mitotech are awarded a 2009 Forensic DNA Unit Efficiency Improvement Grant.

MitoTyper Nomenclature Rules Accepted as New Standard

January 2009 - The MitoTyper nomenclature rules are accepted as the new standard for SWGDAM mtDNA type descriptions.

MitoTyper presented at DNA in Forensics conference

May 2008 - Scientists from the FBI DNA Analysis Unit II and Mitotech present the Mitotyper software at the DNA in Forensics conference, Ancona Italy.

DNA in Forensics - Conference Program

'Software program for standardizing an operational mtDNA nomenclature for forensic analyses'
B. Budowle, C. Fisher, D. Polanskey, B.D. Hartog, J. Elling, R. Kepler (Quantico – USA)

MitoTech presents at 22nd Congress of ISFG

August 2007 - Scientists from the FBI DNA Analysis Unit II and Mitotech present 'Standardizing the Nomenclature for mtDNA Haplotypes with an Intuitive Hierarchal Execution Software Program' at the 22nd Congress of the International Society for Forensic Genetics

22nd ISFG Congress 2007 in Copenhagen

DOJ awards contract to MitoTech

September 2005 - Mitotech is awarded a contract by the Department of Justice in response to the call "Expert System for mtDNA Databasing"

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